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Warg are a sapient Thrrasir species who somewhat resemble canines. They are quadrupeds with silvery-blue fur, a hunched back, long furless faces, long ears, canine-like tails, and unsheathed sharp claws.

Most warg prefer to live wild rather than living in urban environments, but sometimes come into into towns, particularly goblin towns on the coast, to help during the harvest season in exchange for food. Because of this, many warg learn to speak Goblin in addition to their own warg language.

The party has currently met a famly of warg, a couple and their children.

Wargs in Alu-Lyth[]

  • Furrl - Male warg, Hyrr's husband
  • Hyrr - Female warg, Furrl's husband
  • Three puppies of Furrl and Hyrr's

Party History[]

The party met Furrl at the Sisters of Seacole while searching for Michi; their first impressions weren't ideal, with Furrl being a bit aggressive - though perhaps understandably, as he had been shot with a poison dart while wandering the Gallows by a panicked onlooker, could smell Marshmallow even though she was invisible, and was startled and disturbed by Tandy's telepathy. Michi was able to calm him down, however, and he was reasonable from then on.

Hyrr and the party met under even grimmer circumstances; Hyrr was tied up in the Sun Trail Gang's hideout, used as a guard for a key. She told the party that her three pups were being held hostage in the other room to ensure her cooperation, and the party set out to rescue the pups. They were successful, and the groups parted ways. Fortunately, Hyrr didn't go too far; she returned to help the party escape a burning barn.

A few days afterward, the party visited the wargs, who were recovering well. Furrl declared that he owed the party a life-debt, and one of the puppies announced they had overheard something about the "sun/son's gonna burn the world."


  • Session 15 - The party meets Furrl at the Sisters of Seacole
  • Session 21 - The party finds Hyrr, held captive in the Sun Trail Gang's lair; Hyrr agrees to help the party if they'll go rescue her pups from the next room.
  • Session 22 - The party finishes off the people holding the warg pups captive and returns them to Hyrr.
  • Session 26 - Hyrr returns to the burning barn to help rescue the party.
  • Session 27 - The party goes to visit Michi, but finds the warg family instead. Furrl declares he owes the party a life debt; one of the puppies says they heard "the sun/son's gonna burn the world."