I'll make one thing crystal-clear: I have no quarrel with you, provided that you stay out of my way, you don't mess with my brother, and you don't break any laws while I'm watching. But we're not friends. Remember that.
- Vivienne Olivier

Vivienne Olivier is the sister of Camden Olivier. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, she is played by Shinko.


Little has been revealed about Vivienne herself, but her first interaction with the party revealed that her family are naturally-gifted fighters of some sort. Camden distanced himself from home and presumably his family, but Vivienne more or less confirms there are times she's jumped in to help Camden out of a fight, potentially but not neccesarily including the incident that turned him into a wererat.

She has a poor reputation amongst the vigilante guild, according to Ingway and Jingle, based on what Camden has told them about her and the Olivier family as a whole.

A Suspicious Letter

The party first met Vivienne while searching the chapel on Camden's property, as the woman was coming out of a teleportation circle built into the chapel. She had gold wings at the time, and clear spellcasting abilities.

Though initially hostile toward the party, she lowered her reservations to "suspicious" upon seeing the turquoise pendants marking the party as members of the vigilante guild. She revealed her relationship to Camden, and claimed that her "magic tag" on her brother had vanished the previous morning, hence her coming to Alu Lyth to find him. She refused to work with the party, citing a strong preference for following the law, and left with a warning to stay out of her way and not to break any laws while in her sight.



  • Session 30 - Met the party as she came out of a teleportation circle in Camden's chapel to Tuo. She didn't take kindly to the party's precense or their membership in the vigilante guild, eventually left to search for Camden on her own.


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