A guild of vigilantes across Thrrasir, made up of misfits of all sorts who want to do good and find a purpose. Members of the guild can be recognized by turquoise, teardrop-shaped charms on their person. 


The Guild hideout is hidden behind a wall in Brandy Bay, which can be accessed by a secret knock, or by pressing two small, hidden buttons.


  • Guildmaster Alaharel - a drow abjuration wizard; currently in the capital. He sent Jingle and Puca, his familiar, to Alu Lyth. A powerful mage who may be willing to instruct the party in magic.
  • Ingway
  • Camden Olivier
  • Jingle
  • Michi
  • Malte - Orc who dunked Tandy in the bath
  • Norn (they/them) - Tiefling
  • Gareth (he/him) - Human
  • Syv (he/him) - Half-triton
  • Murythi (she/her) - Elderly half-elf; very good at stacking knives


  • The previous Guildmaster retired seventeen years ago, at which point Alaharel was asked to take over. - Jingle, Session 28
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