A guild of vigilantes across Thrrasir, made up of misfits of all sorts who want to do good and find a purpose. Members of the guild can be recognized by turquoise, teardrop-shaped charms on their person. 


The Guild hideout is hidden behind a wall in Brandy Bay, which can be accessed by a secret knock, or by pressing two small, hidden buttons.

"You find yourself in a decently-sized room, warmly lit with a roaring flame going in the fireplace along one wall, but curiously devoid of any windows or other obvious doors. There is a long rectangular wooden table in the center of the room, with mismatched wooden chairs around it. You can see that the floor is stone, but most of the surface is piled with overlapping, colorful rugs in thoroughly mismatched styles and colors. Off in one corner, you see a number of hammocks tacked to the wall, and a thick pile of fluffy cushions on the floor near the hammocks."
- Session 3


  • Guildmaster Alaharel - a drow abjuration wizard; currently in the capital. He sent Jingle and Puca, his familiar, to Alu Lyth. A powerful mage who may be willing to instruct the party in magic.
  • Ingway
  • Camden Olivier
  • Jingle
  • Puca
  • Michi
  • Malte - Orc who dunked Tandy in the bath
  • Norn (they/them) - Tiefling
  • Gareth (he/him) - Human
  • Syv (he/him) - Half-triton
  • Murythi (she/her) - Elderly half-elf; very good at stacking knives


  • The previous Guildmaster retired seventeen years ago, at which point Alaharel was asked to take over. - Jingle, Session 28
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