Urycis Odyva is a tiefling-dragonborn hybrid and an old friend of Alyx. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, he is played by Shinko.


At least part of Urycis' family hails from Tsaltiui Shehad, a land inhabited primarily by dragons, dragonborn, lizardfolk, kobolds, and a few Yuan-ti. He claims his ancestors left as a result of "less than honest" ways of making a living.

He and Alyx have history together, but the party at large hasn't learned much about it yet.


Urycis is confident, gleefully snarky, and difficult to faze. He seems to have no regrets or holdups about his and his family's life of crime, but is very loyal to those he considers family. Fortunately this includes Alyx, giving the party an edge and a contact in a place they might not otherwise have it.


  • Session # - Meeting
  • Session 29 - The vigilante guild recieved a note through another Guild member that Urycis wanted to speak to the party in the harbor, where a dragon will be.
  • Session 30 - The party goes to meet Urycis, whose dragon is in fact a dragon-shaped boat. Urycis (and newly-introduced Ettin) told the party the result of the interrogation of Heijan Odyva - in particular, that he stole a hair from Virga that allowed Auntie to Scry on Virga, and that Auntie is a sea hag. He also revealed that the Odyvas know about the vigilantee guild, citing the teal drops all the members wear.


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