DnD Temphere and Thrrasir Wiki

A Suspicious Letter[]

Session 42[]

  • The party gave Urycis the mirror, including the command words. They also checked and confirmed that there were no other prisoners in the mirror. Urycis suggested the city’s library might be a place to look for information on the Mariner’s Curse.
  • The party found Alice in the park, and retrieved the Pipes of the Sewers. Doryen took them to the apartment to attune himself to the Pipes, required to play the music to return Ingway to his elf form.
  • The rest of the party, meanwhile, went to fine Igraine. They explained more-or-less what led up to Igraine being imprisoned in a book, and she chastised them to be more careful about their allies being targeted.
  • The party also went to speak to Reed about Bags of Holding, which he explained and said could most likely be found in the capital city of Fae Shanta, upriver from Alu Lyth.
  • After the attunement was finished, the party returned to the hideout and Doryen used the pipes to return Ingway to his elven form.
  • The party went to visit Camden at the Sisters of Seacole. They interrupted an argument between Camden and Vivienne; in explaining it, Camden told the party the Oliviers are a family of Divine Soul sorcerers, specifically dedicated to Tuo, but the magic in the bloodline has begun fading. Camden is the first born without sorcery. The Olivier family had been trying to convince Camden to let them cure him for a long time, something Camden has refused since the cure can be lethal, it’s expensive and he doesn’t want to benefit from the resources his family has that others don’t, and he wants to inspire others and prove that lycanthropy is a manageable condition and that wererats can be hereoes as much as anyone. Vivienne was not pleased by the party agreeing with this sentiment, or in general, and left.

Session 41[]

  • One hour to sunset.
  • The party rowed to shore to meet the guards on the docks, and hastily discussed a plan to get Camden taken to the Sisters of Seacole.On the shore, Alyx (going by Sir Xyla), claimed Camden had a medical condition only the Sisters of Seacole are familiar with. Tandy asserted that this was true and that they know because they volunteer part-time in the church.  The guards agreed to take him there. Doryen explained the mirror as something found with Camden, and given its clearly magical appearance, the group chose to bring it along.
  • The guards somewhat reluctantly accepted these explanations, and stated they would take Alyx and Camden to the Sisters of Seacole, and Doryen would be taken to Commander Rootgnaw to discuss his involvement in Ingway's involuntary marketplace transformation, leaving Virga, Tandy, Vivienne, and the mirror at the dock.
  • One gryphon took Alyx and Camden to the Sisters of Seacole. Michi arrived on the scene and prescribed Night Bright, which one Sister vaguely identified as "a medicine." Alyx was allowed to stay at the church. Michi explained that Night Bright is code for enough sedation to keep a wereperson knocked out, though it's not ideal as the person takes several hours the next day to wake up again.
  • Doryen was flown to an office in Rolling Green, where he claimed to have cast Fog Cloud in an instinctive desire to protect the people and wererat from each other, and that his Wild Magic simply made the cloud appear somewhere else (shielding Ingway's escape). He also claimed to have run from the guards out of fear of the person being a townsperson wanting to cause trouble. Rootgnaw laid out that he knew Alyx was pretending to be a knight, and Doryen admitted that was true and said that Alyx probably only did so to get Camden help as efficiently as possible. Rootgnaw let the party off with a warning to keep their noses clean, a metaphor that delighted Doryen and a suggestion that will probably be difficult to oblige. Rootgnaw also mentioned wanting to talk to the wererat, not to make an arrest but to be able to reassure the city that there wasn't a danger.
  • On the docks, Virga, Tandy, and Vivienne were able to make an escape when Pucca caused a distracted by startling and using a charge of shocking grasp on one of the guards' gryphons. Pucca led the two to a locked warehouse to hide, admiting through telepathy they thought Alyx would be with the party, and that they were sent by Jingle as they were closer when Flick's message asking for help arrived. After some creative discussions about camouflaging the mirror that vexed Vivienne, Tandy picked the lock and the two (and mirror) were able to hide there for the night. Vivienne left to check on Camden.
  • After leaving Rootgnaw's office, Doryen ran into Urycis, who asked about the enchanted item from the ship and his boat. Doryen accidentally revealed the item was a mirror, and shared the fact that the boat had been destroyed. He agreed the party would get the mirror to Urycis the next day. Doryen continued to the Sisters of Seacole, where he and Alyx caught each other up on what had happened and agreed to stay in the church for the night.
  • In the morning, the party gathered at the hideout and updated Ingway and Jingle on everything, including the bargain for the enchanted mirror. Ingway said he would talk to Fen about Rootgnaw.
  • On the party's to-do list now is getting the panpipes from Alice to restore Ingway to his elven form, giving the mirror to Urycis, and checking in on Camden.