DnD Temphere and Thrrasir Wiki

A page for the Thrrasir party's objectives, sidequests, and possible leads to follow up on. All players feel free to make edits, additions, and/or corrections!

Current Objective(s)[]

  • [adventure name] - It's time to learn the origins of the cube and of Auntie! Current leads suggest the party needs to go to Oldtowne, currently blocked by a dome of jellyfish, to learn more about the expedition to retrieve the cube.
    • The cube was retrieved from an ancient sea elf city by a team of Oldtowne archaeologists. Traps were laid out in the city that didn't match the time period, and unspecified problems plagued the expedition.
    • The party gathered the necessary supplies to get through the jellyfish dome and into Oldtowne. The city is under some sort of lockdown by the grung. Mylene seems to be heading a resistance in the Liquid Gold tavern.
    • Ice and Fire - The red grung the party encountered during their first adventure, named Srreerr, is in Oldtowne. He's holed up in the Crystal Cathedral, a Cataclysm-era building made of nevermelt ice, making it impossible to traverse without magic. The party was sent to ask for help from Sin, a half-merman, half-tiefling with very powerful fire magic, to try and get his help.
      • Out on a Limb - Sin has no real interest in helping the city, having faced a great deal of prejudice for his tiefling heritage, but agreed to help the party in exchange for leaves and branches from the silvervine tree, a treant created to protect the city that has a barrier against those with tiefling blood.

  • A Disturbing Disappearance - Ingway has gone missing after leaving his meeting with Commander Rootgnaw. The other guild members are looking for him, but we should keep a lookout for any clues we might stumble upon.

Mainline Quests[]

  • Ancient Magic - A magical cube from before the cataclysm has shown up in Alu Lyth. The cube has been recovered, but a sea hag named Auntie and her grung want it back.
  • The Herald's - A mysterious group serving someone known as the Herald have appeared in Alu Lyth. They were working with the Sun Trail gang.


  • Poor Unfortunate Soul - Find a way to break or free Xaviss from the Mariner's Curse, a curse cast on the sea to afflict captains whose crews die under their command.
    • There's a library in Tharsen Sel we can check for information on the Curse
  • Tick Tock - Tandy's pocketwatch has been identified as a Watch of the Longnight! Sharza will have it repaired in a few days.


  • There's a wall of jellyfish around Oldtowne that appeared about a week before A Suspicious Letter.
  • The meerow are a result of merfolk being afflicted by dark magic; Auntie has done this to some of the merfolk who she claims stole the cube from her
    • The merfolk are almost certainly archaeologists from an expedition to the ruined sea elf city where the cube was found. An intern, Mylene, may know more.

Completed Quests[]


  • Precursor Magic
  • Faerie Dragons
  • A Suspicious Letter - Camden has been rescued and sedated at the Sisters of Seacol; he should be awake around noon, once the sedatives wear off. We should probably check on him and make sure he's okay!
  • Quid Pro Quo - Bring the enchanted mirror to Urycis, as agreed when he loaned us a boat
  • Song of Healing - Get Alice's panpipes to return Ingway to his normal form. Alice agreed to give the party her panpipes if they stopped the grung from unleashing a wererat'd Camden upon the city.
    • They Don't Pay Me Enough For This - Raelin knows an intern from the archaeological expedition named Mylene; she became reclusive after returning from the city, very out-of-character for her. Mylene lives in Oldtowne.


  • A Long Story - Igraine wants answers about the situation that led up to her being imprisoned in a book by a grung.
  • Burning Ring of Fire - Tandy's ex-landlady wants her stolen wedding ring returned. She's a phoenix soul sorcerer so it would be best not to anger her.
  • Bumble Bomb - Retrieve the ingredients and blueprints to create bumble bombs