A page for the Thrrasir party's objectives, sidequests, and possible leads to follow up on. All players feel free to make edits, additions, and/or corrections!

Current Objective(s) Edit

  • A Suspicious Letter - Camden has been rescued and sedated at the Sisters of Seacol; he should be awake around noon, once the sedatives wear off. We should probably check on him and make sure he's okay!
  • Quid Pro Quo - Bring the enchanted mirror to Urycis, as agreed when he loaned us a boat
  • Song of Healing - Get Alice's panpipes to return Ingway to his normal form. Alice agreed to give the party her panpipes if they stopped the grung from unleashing a wererat'd Camden upon the city.
  • ...should we check on that grung we restrained? Almost certainly he's escaped but if not...

Mainline QuestsEdit

  • Ancient Magic - A magical cube from before the cataclysm has shown up in Alu Lyth. The cube has been recovered, but a sea hag named Auntie and her grung want it back.
  • The Herald's - A mysterious group serving someone known as the Herald have appeared in Alu Lyth. They were working with the Sun Trail gang.


  • Burning Ring of Fire - Tandy's ex-landlady wants her stolen wedding ring returned. She's a phoenix soul sorcerer so it would be best not to anger her.
  • Poor Unfortunate Soul - Find a way to break or free Xaviss from the Mariner's Curse, a curse cast on the sea to afflict captains whose crews die under their command.
  • I think there's something we're helping a shopkeeper with? Maybe Adara?


  • There's a wall of jellyfish around Oldtowne that appeared about a week before A Suspicious Letter.
  • The meerow are a result of merfolk being afflicted by dark magic; Auntie has done this to some of the merfolk who she claims stole the cube from her.

Completed QuestsEdit


  • Precursor Magic
  • Faerie Dragons
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