The pantheon of the world of Eskhara is relatively small, consisting of only six deities.

The Deities Edit

Hef Edit

God of eternity, change, and time. The first of the gods, who out of his loneliness made a partner for himself out of half of his own essence- Votan. Quiet and reserved, Hef seldom has much to do with anyone but his partner. Takes the shape of an endless river of stars. Patron deity associated with the elemental planes of water and air.

Votan Edit

God of knowledge, creation, and imagination. Strongly associated with crafters, smiths, tinkerers, and academics. A curious entity that revels in learning and knowing things. Votan created the gods Agrios, Chepra, and Riis from his own imagination to be the children of himself and Hef. Appears differently to every mortal that looks upon him, based on their perception of what he would look like. Partner of Hef. Patron deity associated with the elemental planes of earth and fire.

Agrios Edit

The nonbinary god of chaos, madness, and war. Not a malevolent entity, but very much a cold and uncaring one. Often believed to be the source of a barbarian’s power while raging. Assumes the form of a dragon with ten heads- one for each dragon type, and a rainbow of scales in every draconic shade on their body. The eldest child of Votan’s, older sibling of Chepra and Riis. Patron deity associated with the feywilde and the shadowfell.

Chepra Edit

The genderfluid god of life, energy, and innocence. Known for being an impulsive trickster and frequently getting into trouble with the other gods. Assumes the shape of a white rabbit framed by a sunburst. Twin of Riis, younger sibling of Agrios, child of Votan. Patron deity associated with the celestial plane.

Riis Edit

The goddess of mercy, wisdom, and death. A largely benevolent entity seen to ease pain and protect the souls of the deceased until they reach Judgement. Assumes the shape of a black furred sphynx with white wings and a white tail tuft. Created Tuo from one of her own feathers to guard the barriers between the realms. Twin of Chepra, younger sibling of Agrios, daughter of Votan, mother of Tuo. Patron deity associated with the material plane.

Tuo Edit

Genderless god of law and judgement. Takes souls collected by Riis and determines their final destination in the afterlife. Assumes the shape of a gryphon in the likeness of a trumpeter swan. The child of Riis. The only deity not associated with a plane, said to guard the boundaries between the planes and maintain the balance of the universe.

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