Alu Lyth Vigilante GuildEdit

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"Auntie" and The GrungEdit

The grung are small, poison-skinned frog-people who arrived in Alu Lyth shortly after the cube was activated by Reed at the start of the campaign. They have access to extremely large marine or marine-adjacent life, including crabs and osprey, and can mind-control these animals. "Auntie" is an unknown creature who seems to be their leader. She seems to have very powerful magic, as she was able to give the bronze dragonborn Heijan the power to turn into a sea spawn.

Known MembersEdit

  • Every grung the party has come across so far
  • Red grung carrying a black glass staff with an eye; wears a black circlet
  • Murry (former) - A giant spider crab; now in the care of the University.
  • Heijan Odyva - Bronze dragonborn; began serving Auntie and murdering people in the Gallows to feed to the giant octopus Moe; through Auntie, gained the power to turn into a sea spawn.
  • Moe (deceased) - A giant octopus, originally captured by the University. He escaped during the party's first adventure and escaped into the canals, where he proceeded to cause trouble (partially under the grung's command) until he was killed by the party (final blow by Alyx) after being used to try and kill Fen.

The Herald'sEdit

A mysterious group that claims to work for the child of a god, whom they call the Herald. The group provided the Sun Trail gang with materials and information to produce diamond dust, in exchange for information gathered by the gang from their customers. They seem to be looking for the cube unveiled and activated by Reed during the magical exposition at the beginning of the campaign. They are not associated with "Auntie" or the grung, and in fact want at least the later dead.

Note Found in the Sun Trail Gang's Hideout:Edit

Here’s your usual payment. We know you don’t like trading valuable drugs for what may seem like pointless gossip, but we assure you that everything you learn goes towards the advancement of the herald’s cause. No information is useless information.

That having been said, we have a particular interest right now in anything you learn that may lead to the location of the missing artifact. None of these idiots have any clue what it is they’ve loosed, and a seal that old can only have so much power left. If it breaks, we’re all fucked. Ask all of your informants to be on watch, and start halving their helpings of diamond dust to motivate them. From what we’ve seen of the withdrawal symptoms, they’ll do anything you ask after just a few days, and this is too vital to leave to their own initiative.

As to the grung that are sniffing around town, they’re also a threat to the herald’s mission. If you see one, kill it.

Until the sun banishes the dark once again.

- The Herald's

Known MembersEdit

  • The Herald - Presumably the leader of the group; believed to be the child of a god.
  • Mysterious lady speaking Primordial (not Aquan); cast fireball on the barn over the Sun Trail Gang's hideout; name unknown;
  • Summoner fought and killed by the party in the Sun Trail gang's hideout. Name unknown.

Sun Trail GangEdit

A gang of sun elves who sold diamond dust, a drug made from processed euphoria gas, harvested from faerie dragons. They held Marshmallow and her swarm captive for at least five years, harvesting the gas by force and brainwashing the babies and younger dragons to be loyal to them. The gang worked at least partially for the Herald's, who gave them the information and equipment in exchange for getting information from diamond dust addicts.Extremely disrupted if not destroyed when the party liberated the faerie dragons, and a member of the Herald's set fire to their base of operations.

Known membersEdit

  • Ilquin - Sun elf; killed by a member of the Herald's when she cast fireball on the building they were standing in.

Odyva MafiaEdit

A family of criminals based in the Gallows district. The Odyvan family hails from Tsaltiui Shehad, a land of largely scalefolk, which at least one member left from for making a living through "less than honest" means.

Known MembersEdit

  • Urycis Odyva - A half-dragonborn, half-tiefling and a friend of Alyx.
  • Heijan Odyva - Bronze dragonborn; began serving Auntie and murdering people in the Gallows to feed to the giant octopus Moe; through Auntie, gained the power to turn into a sea spawn.
  • Ettin - Kobold from Tsaltiui Shehad
  • At least a few dragons are on their payroll
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