DnD Temphere and Thrrasir Wiki

Here is where we can log current objectives, keep track of main and sidequests, and make note of hints we'd like to follow up on. All players feel free to edit.

Main Quests[]

Current Objectives[]

  • After questioning the ice mephit, the party has learned that the rain is being caused by a storm giant quintessent.
    • Seek out this quintessent at the Rowshaw Coast, where Valanthe believes he is probably hiding.
    • Try to recruit the help of a bronze dragon named Thesdian rumored to live in the area.
    • Failing that, spy on the quintessent to get information, but do not engage- this is way out of our league.

Current Adventure Quests[]

  • Midnight Marauder - Thanks to evidence that the party found at the temple of the White Iris, Edith worked out that what injured the gargoyles was actually a manticore. The ice mephit we spoke to said that the manticore has been hanging around with the deep scion on the Rowshaw Coast
    • Take it out while we're there, if we can.
    • Rochol gave Fracture a nifty lightning javelin with which to bzzt the manticore.
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away - The seemingly endless rain is being caused by a storm giant quintessent
    • Seems to be working with the deep scion.
    • They are based along the Rowshaw Coast.
  • Rainy Road Rogues - A passing wagon warned us about bandits on the road ahead.
    • They are being lead by a triton, which explains why they aren't put off by the foul weather.

Story Mainline Quests[]

  • Shadow Seeds - Unknown forces with dark intentions are sowing seed pods shaped like black thorns all over Temphere, which grow into biting plants that corrupt the surrounding area and tear holes in the border wall between the planes.
    • At least three locations are known to have had these things sown in them- Caellond, Penvost, and a village in Toborra.
    • The party has recently learned that these plants are native to the Shadowfell.
  • There's Something In the Water - A deep scion has been leading an army of kuo-toa and sahuagin to menace the coastline, attacking settlements and summoning water elementals to sink ships. The scion must have a powerful master somewhere...
    • They were abusing the power of an artifact called the aquan bowl- the bowl has currently been left in the protective custody of the Helders.
    • The sahuagin have a secret home somewhere far to the north, where they worship a dark god called Sekolah.
    • Deep scions are said to be created by a powerful ocean creature from a drowning sailor. They can transform between monster form and their humanoid disguise.
      • There are accounts of scions being injured, and the injury will appear on both forms.
    • The deep scion and several sahuagin have returned from the Frostfell and are up to something along the Rowshaw Coast.
    • **NEW** The scion is working with a storm giant quintessent to cause endless rain across the countryside.



  • The Moonshiners - A gang called the Moonshiners has stolen Ibereai's magic lute, and they have tasked McGuiggan with getting it back.
    • They are said to have a base in the city of Volluxa
    • A pair of hired thugs were spotted in Caellond by the owners of the Oak and Onyx, leaving in a hurry. The names they gave were "Garnett" (a human) and "Beads" (a kenku) and they purportedly were meeting with a wood elf and lizardfolk.
  • Objection! - The party has agreed to escort Vandoryth back to Sedgely
    • They will be trying to clear his name and that of his friend Jesper.
    • Technically Vandoryth is guilty of the sheep murders, but he was a normal wild wolf at the time, c'mon people.
    • Jesper didn't do anything except give Vandoryth sapience with which to realize stealing sheep makes farmers cross with you
      • Though he is a werewolf which is going to make people inclined not to take him at his word, probably.
    • Also we should give Rochol back his lightning stick, I guess.


Displaced Beasts - At least a pair of displacer beasts, possibly more, have slipped through a crossover to wreak ecological havoc on Edith's home forest.

  • Monster hunters Ash and Brennryn have traveled to the forest to help hold them off.
  • Successfully recruited a pack of blink dogs to help get rid of them.

Where Wolf? - Rochol, Shanks, and Beatrix have returned, and bring with them grim news; a werewolf has infiltrated Caellond. They have asked Valanthe to seal the city gates, but with Rochol's magical monocle broken they can't identify who the werewolf is.

  • Valanthe very much does not appreciate their interference, however, and wants to file a formal complaint to the lord of Sedgely, who hired the trio.
  • The wolf seems to be Vandoryth, but something isn't quite right here.

Leads / Rumors[]

  • We Need More Teeth - A bronze dragon named Thesdian is said to live on the Roshaw Coast, who is amenable to helping adventurers if they help him. We should look into securing his help if we can.