Rose Bay Island is a small isle off the coast of the Rose Bay, and the location of the workshop owned by Zora and Makaria Helder. The island has an invasive population of wild roses that washed ashore from a long ago shipwreck, earning the bay its name.

Description Edit

The island is largely wild and overgrown, with only one long path leading uphill towards the Helder's workshop.Aside from roses, the flora of the island consists of things normally seen in a temperate climate, such as ferns and conifers. A wide river runs through the middle of the island, with a bridge across it built by the Helders.

The workshop is located at the highest point of the island, at the top of a sheer cliff leading down to the beach. The climb up to the workshop is intentionally arduous, to make it difficult on intruders who might harm Zora's summoned creatures. The rocky spaces under the cliff are snaked through with tunnels set up by the Helders, acting as an emergency exit down to the beach and an access point for the hangar where their flying machine was kept before it was destroyed.

Inhabitants Edit

  • Zora Helder
  • Makaria Helder
  • Pumpkin
  • Quint
  • Gargoyles (x2)
  • Various summoned creatures
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