Rose Bay is a wooded coastal area near the town of Skyhorn. Out in the ocean across the bay is Rose Bay Island.

Description Edit

Rose Bay is in most respects a fairly common temperate coastline. It is lush with conifers, ferns, and other such plants, and has numerous animals making their homes in the forest. There is at least one cave system, and numerous deep tunnels bored by fire beetles.

Out in the water of the bay is at least one Merfolk village. It has not been directly visited during the campaign, but it's presence is referenced multiple times by the characters. There is also a population of Kuo-Toa in the bay, who have become aggressive in recent times.

Inhabitants Edit

  • Athelia (Formerly)
  • Dart
  • Numerous Merfolk
  • Numerous Kuo-Toa
  • Bade (Presumed)
  • Bade's Crew (Presumed)
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