Rodane is an NPC from the Temphere universe, and a member of the Fey court. Rodane is a darkling, a type of tiefling native to the Feywilde. Like all Temphere NPCs, Rodane is played by Tiger.

History Edit

Not much is known about Rodane's life. At the last birthday celebration Queen Naireda held ten years ago he and his brother both had a very expensive and very potent Syrinelle wine, far more than was strictly advisable. The duo got roaring drunk and caused a significant ruckus, which resulted in them being permanently banned from future parties.

At some point between then and the present, Rodane and [name] manage to significantly increase their standing in the court, which more or less obliged them to be extended an invitation. However, they were expressly banned from having any Syrinelle.

Rodane spoke to Edith and Cree at the ball, and though he didn't know terribly much about any of the subjects they were researching- even confusing blink dogs and displacer beasts briefly- he did give them somewhat of a potential lead with the idea that, because all of the people who'd planted the thorn at Penvost had robes on, they might potentially have been darklings like him. Darklings have to wear hoods and heavy clothing at all times, otherwise they could burn in bright sunlight or even bright normal light.

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