Raelin is a student at the Alu Lyth University, where she studies sea creatures - in particular, those appearing off the coast of Alu Lyth who have mysteriously been growing many times their normal size. 


First AdventureEdit

The party met Raelin at her stand at the Alu Lyth University's exhibition, where Moe, a giant octopus, was on display. She was very excited to meet the party (despite initially mistaking Virga for a half-orc), and told them about the giant sealife found off the coast of Alu Lyth, including Moe the giant octopus, and Buck the giant seahorse.

Second AdventureEdit

Coming soon!


Raelin could be generously described as enthusiastic. She's cheerful, outgoing, and helpful, but not always tactful, which can make for some awkward situations.  Raelin does, however, seem to be genuinely well-meaning.


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