I appreciate your presence despite your, ah, affairs in Temphere.
- Naireda, to Valanthe

Naireda is an NPC from the Temphere campaign. She is an archfey and the queen of the Feywilde.

Story Edit

The party met Naireda during a birthday celebration being held in her honor in the Feywilde- such celebrations are traditionally only held once every ten years, as they are expensive and the fey queen lives long enough to have a lot of birthdays.

She politely and without incident greeted the party at the beginning of the ball, much to Serena's relief (as she was worried one of the party would accidentally say or do something stupid). For most of the rest of the party Naireda was present in the background, though the group didn't interact with her or pay her much attention.

Towards the end of the night, however, the party started to become desperate, as they hadn't learned nearly as much as they wanted to about their enemies from the fey at the party. Several party goers had mentioned the queen's royal library, a place where tremendous knowledge was stored... but a place that was off limits during the party, as the queen wanted her guests to have fun. (And also her archivist extracted a promise from her that they would not be bothered during the party.)

The party briefly considered trying to break into the library, but finally came to the conclusion that they weren't equal to an archfey's security measures, and opted to just ask Naireda's permission to visit the library, hoping the urgency of their errand would convince her. She was reluctant, but finally agreed to allow it on the condition that the party distracted Shahrukh (who wanted to break in himself) and fetched Valanthe for an implied lecture over his not telling her about the thorn situation. The party complied with these requests, and Naireda sent her guard to let them into the library.

She was next seen towards the end of the party opening her birthday presents. Each member of the court had gotten her a gift, and it was a rather long, drawn out process... until one of the presents spilled magic beans all over the ballroom which started causing chaos with various magical effects. The guests, Naireda included, fought the magical maladies to regain control of the situation, finally succeeding. The queen apologized for the trouble, calling her mages to help anyone hurt or who had suffered dirt or damage to fancy costumes, and dismissed the guests to head home.

Personality Edit

It's hard to say- as a queen at a formal event, there can be no doubt that Naireda was on her absolute best diplomatic behavior. She seemed polite, thoughtful, and reasonable- understanding the party's need to use the library against her normal rules and allowing it. Valanthe's reaction to being called to get an implied lecture from her also seemed to imply he didn't regard her with much fear, as he was resigned about the situation but didn't seem afraid at all. Her general image so far seems to be of a stern but fair monarch- time will tell.

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