Puca is the familiar bonded to Guildmaster Alaharel, but is currently staying with Jingle and to some extent, the Vigilante Guild, in Thrrasir.


Summoned by Alaharel at some point, and sent with Jingle to Thrrasir to keep an eye on her. Currently, the party knows little beyond that. Puca first met the party during a fight with sea oozes, when they showed up alongside Jingle, who was there to help fight the creatures. Later, Puca appeared again, soaking wet and injured, and led the party to the Vigilante Guild headquarters. They passed out before getting the party inside, but fortunately, the party was able to figure out how to get inside, where they were told Puca was no ordinary cat - and in fact, not a cat at all.


Not unlike a real cat, Puca is often unimpressed with the people around them. They are, however, loyal, and display a human-like level of intelligence even if they're limited to a cat's abilities and vocalizations. Their judgment seems highly trusted by the Guild members.


  • Session 1/2 - Jingle and Puca appear to help the party fight slime oozes.
  • Session 3 - Puca appears again, soaking wet and wounded, and leads the party to the Guild headquarters before fainting.


  • Puca is named after the creature of the same name from Celtic lore; a púca is a shape-changer that can bring either good or bad luck. (source)


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