Needle is an NPC from the Temphere campaign. He is a warforged originally from the nation of Forlonde, but he was able to escape slavery there and sought refuge in the Feywilde. He works as a tattoo artist, and has engraved many "tattoos" into his own metal armor. Like all Temphere NPCs, Needle is played by Tiger.

History Edit

Needle once belonged to a noble from the nation of Forlonde- he explains that his model of warforged was designed for frontline fighting, but he in particular was part of the personal guard for this noble. However, they failed in their duty to protect him and were punished, and Needle decided he'd had enough of being a slave and escaped.

He eventually took refuge in the Feywilde, where he met someone with a great many very beautiful tattoos. Inspired by this, he took an interest in body art himself, learning how to draw and gradually over the next several years using his own armor as a canvas to perfect the craft. He now works as a tattoo artist professionally in the Feywilde.

Personality Edit

Though he speaks in a similar robotic monotone to Fracture, it is fairly evident within a few moments of talking to Needle that he has a lot of personality. He seems to regard the elves of Forlonde and Allanar with scorn, and jokes when talking to Anther that anything they disliked must have something good going for it, implying he also has a sense of humor. He is clearly very passionate about his work, and likes to sketch things to practice and learn new shapes. The players jokingly compared him to a man with a dozen tattoos who looks scary at a distance, but once you talk to him he's a big old nerd who likes art.

Trivia Edit

  • Several of the players have expressed interest in having their character get a tattoo from Needle eventually.
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