There are a plethora of colorful characters in the world of Temphere. These are the characters that haven't done enough in the story to warrant having their own pages- they might get pages of their own later if they achieve greater importance in the story. Shopkeeper NPCs can be found here.

Caellond Minor Characters Edit

Koi Magician Edit

See "Sir Noriaki" below.

Tace Edit

A kalashtar who lives in Caellond. They perform fortune readings using a deck of cards and the magic of their ethereal spirit. They are quiet, thoughtful, and generally genial.

Swamp Minor Characters Edit

Baeshra Edit

A kobold scout for the Shifting Mist, Baeshra and her two guard velociratpors stopped the Garden Party at the border of Shifting Mist territory and questioned their motives. She

Irithir Edit

A lizardfolk from the village of Kuria. He was the village storyteller, and seemed to be entertainment for a lot of the young scalefolk. He told the party about the Yuan-Ti who used to inhabit the swamp, as well as the doomed archaeological expedition to the Yuan-Ti temple.

Ruth Ordalir Edit

The human mayor of Mire's Edge. Formerly just a distant landowner, she came to Mire's Edge directly when the sugar cane farmers kept running into trouble with the Shifting Mist. Ruth orchestrated the truce with the Shifting Mist together with Apogri.

Rose Bay Minor Characters Edit

Tieldra Edit

A drow elf druid that met the Island Party when they found the crash site of the Goldberg. She helped them fight off some pirates, and kept watch over the Helders while the rest of the group went off in search of something to cure them of poisoning.

Bayde Edit

Captain of the pirate crew to which Athelia used to belong. Bayde was once a well intentioned revolutionary, trying to take down a corrupt politician in his hometown. However, he saw something in the noble's ship that changed him forever, and he took his crew off to become true pirates. He has been hunting Athelia since she ditched the crew, though he lost his ship to the Kuo-Toa during the events of the Island Party's first adventure. It is unknown if he survived the ship sinking or not, though Athelia didn't seem to think he'd be killed so easily.

Quint Edit

A small mechanical construct in the shape of a bell, created by the Helders. He is intended to serve as emergency first aid to anyone stranded on the island, dispensing health potion as needed. He also helps guide the Island Party back to the workshop on their second visit. He is very excited about being helpful.

New Skyhorn Minor Characters Edit

Half-Orc Foreteller Edit

A good natured man who uses cards to predict someone's future, albeit in a bit of a different way than Tace. He was startled when both Fracture and McGuiggan drew more cards than normal from the deck, the extra card for both of them indicating that they would be instrumental in writing some major wrong or imbalance in the world. Concerned for them, he sold both of them an incomplete Deck of Illusions.

Aryn Hest Edit

A friend of Jolene's who went missing near the Old Skyhorn Lighthouse. Turned out that he and his crew were attacked and taken captive by Kuo-Toa who'd taken over the lighthouse. At Jolene's request, the Island Party stormed the lighthouse to rescue Aryn.

Grigor Edit

One of Aryn's sailors, he was taken by the Kuo-Toa and their strange master, and used in the ritual to summon elementals with the Aquan Bowl. Apparently the creatures could not perform this task themselves due to some property of the bowl.

Tentacle Monster Edit

A bizarre humanoid with tentacles on the back of its head that seemed to be giving orders to the Kuo-Toa. Athelia, Jolene, Fracture and McGuiggan fought it, but it escaped into the ocean. It was presumably encountered much later in the Frostfell, where it and its army of Kuo-Toa and Sahuagin were battling a plant monster and its thornies. Cree chucked a flaming log of firewood at it, and it presumably has a large scar, now. The party learned from Ash, a monster-hunter friend of the Helders, that the creature is a Deep Scion -- a former sailor who had made a deal with a Kraken (or perhaps even the Gods) and now does bidding for their master, and can shapeshift back into their sailor form at will.

Feywilde Minor Characters Edit

Baltoris Edit

Leader of the pack of blink dogs that the party hopes will get rid of Edith's displacer beast problem.

Emperor Kichiro Edit

The ruler of the koi kingdom.

Sir Noriaki Edit

A giant, sharp-toothed koi knight from a koi kingdom. He was under attack by a group of satyrs in the Liadon Manor garden, and the party helped him fight them off. In thanks, he cast a spell on us to make them resistant to grapple, and also retrieved some hydra thistle from the bottom of the pond he was trapped in. Later, the party met him again at the Feywilde Ball, and though he was embarrassed to have his attack by satyrs brought up again, he gave the party a pouch of scales to thank them for helping him.

Morven Edit

An eladrin knight who has an enchanted necklace that the blink dogs want, which gives the wearer an immunity to magical fear.

Nalos Edit

A member of the Fey court who looks like a triton, but says he is a nixie. Anther and Fracture approached him to ask about Deep Scions, but he claimed he studied art and had only ever heard about them in old stories. He agreed to think about the matter more if McGuiggan would play for him.

Tokhis Laumee Edit

A young air genasi being cared for in the Feywilde by his uncle. A nerd boy who doesn't like parties and just wants to go hang out in the library.

Lasheasen Edit

A dryad woman from a forest in the Feywilde, married to a humanoid woman from Temphere. She examined one of the thorns the party had run into, and informed them that it was not a thorn at all; it was a seed pod. She suggested if they wanted to learn more, their best next move should be to figure out what sort of plant dropped those seed pods.

Misc Minor Characters Edit

Shanks Edit

An aaracockra monster hunter working under Rochol. The Garden Party met him and his group along the road to Mire's Edge, and mistook them for bandits. Cree put Shanks to sleep with a spell. He wasn't entirely amused when Cree joked later that he should come back to see her if he had trouble with insomnia that night.

Beatrix Edit

A human monster hunter working under Rochol. The Garden Party met her and her group along the road to Mire's Edge, and mistook them for bandits. Beatrix was greatly unamused by the entire situation, but especially took a dislike to Anther, who after shooting Rochol and realizing he wasn't hostile responded not with an apology but a glib "Can I have my arrow back then?" It is known that Beatrix had magical abilities, but not what class of magic.

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