Michi is a goblin cleric and a member of Alu Lyth's Vigilante Guild. She's married to fellow Guild member Ingway, and also works at the Sisters of Seacole in service to the goddess Riis. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, Michi is played by Shinko.


Precursor MagicEdit

The party met Michi while trying to recover the cube and Reed from sea oozes. They and Michi fought a giant sea ooze together, eventually defeating the creature. 

Faerie DragonsEdit

During their faerie dragon investigations, the party went to Michi's church to try and find information about a street drug related to their search. They found her meeting with a warg named Furrl, who had been hit with a poison dart in Alu Lyth. She was able to tell the party about diamond dust, a very addictive street drug that may be made from the breath weapon of faerie dragons.

A Suspicious LetterEdit

After finding Fen unconcious in his apartment, and being told a doctor would cost more than Fen's stipend could afford, the party took him to the Sisters of Seacole. Michi assisted in diagnosing him, and informed the party Fen was suffering withdrawl from diamond dust. The party unfortunatlely only had more bad news for her, including her husband's forced wererat transformation, and that Auntie had been spying on the party for about a week.


Michi is level-headed and clearly compasionate, as a healer - however, she certainly isn't above a little sass, especially toward people like her grumpy husband Ingway.


  • Session ?? - Meets the party during the search for sea oozes, providing them with some healing magic to help keep them on their feet. She and the party eventually find and fight a giant sea ooze together.
  • Session ?? - The party visits the Sisters of Seacole, Michi's church, to ask her about the street drug diamond dust.
  • Session 28 - At a guild party, Michi hosts a drinking game. Though she has remarkable alcohol tolerance, by the time the party played, she had used most of it up and wound up rather tipsy.
  • Session 31 - The party brings Fen to the Sisters of Seacole for treatment, and also share the news about Ingway's forced transformation and Auntie's spying.


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