Meave is a student at Alu Lyth University, studying the giant bugs of the mountains, as well as their venom, to create antivenoms.


Stocky, black-haired, with very small nubby tusks. She has a faintly grayish tone to her skin, but it isn't immediatley obvious.


First AdventureEdit

The party met Meave at her stand at Alu Lyth University's exhibition, where she had several giant bugs on display as well as several antivenoms, a new concept in Thrrasir. These potions came in extremely handy later, when the giant bugs escaped and the centipede bit and poisoned her, and the party had to figure out which one to give her. They succeeded, and currently have been told Meave is recovering.


Clearly passionate about her work and very knowledgeable, though she seems to be used to people not being interested in the details of her work, and/or being more freaked out about the giant bugs than anything else. 


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