Malte is an orc and member of the Alu Lyth Vigilante Guild. Like all NPCs, Malte is played by Shinko.


Malte was born in the Dwarven Kingdom, specifically above-ground in the mountains. At some point, she joined a crew of sailors, and was left behind in Alu-Lyth when the crew left in a hurry. She joined the Guild sometime after.

The party first met Malte as she as dunking Tandy in a barrel of water to clean them after their first night in the Guild Headquarters.


  • Calmly confident in her size and strength
  • Enjoys teasing other members of the guidl
  • No tolerance for stinky guild members


  • Session ?? - Malte dunks Tandy in a barrel of water and threatens the rest of the party with baths as well.
  • Session 28 - Malte is an entire side of a tug-of-war game at a welcoming party for the main party, and tells the group some of her history.
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