Someone's gotta keep the lighthouse running; the rock isn't gonna go away just because the bowl is gone.
- Lucien

Lucien is an NPC from the Temphere campaign universe, and an ally of the Island Party. He is a human, and the hereditary keeper of the Old Skyhorn Lighthouse. His family have also long held in their possession an artifact called the Aquan Bowl, but Lucien gave it to Fracture and McGuiggan to take to the Helders for safekeeping after kuo-toa abused its power.

History Edit

Pre-Game Edit

Lucien's family has been protecting and managing the Old Skyhorn Lighthouse for generations.Their most closely guarded family secret was that they had an artifact- the Aquan Bowl- which allowed them to summon and control water elementals to aid ships in distress. This was all that Lucien's family used the bowl for, but they kept it's existence quiet to prevent the bowl's power being abused.

Unfortunately, somehow the secret got out. A group of kuo-toa, lead by a strange creature with tentacles on its head, put the lighthouse under siege, forcing Lucien to hole himself up in the chamber at the top with the light itself and lock the door. He spent the next long while up there, barely keeping himself alive by using magic to summon berries from his kitchen. Meanwhile, the kuo-toa started using the Aquan Bowl's power to unleash water elementals into the bay of Skyhorn.

Adventure 2 - Old Skyhorn Lighthouse Edit

The island party initially missed Lucien on their first trip through the lighthouse, never going up into the lantern room where he'd sealed himself. They did go back later, however, once all the kuo-toa where driven off. Lucien was suspicious at first, but eventually let them into his hiding place. He explained his history and the purpose of the bowl, and agreed to go with the party to get the bowl out of its cave and to somewhere the kuo-toa couldn't abuse it again. There was a brief skirmish with some hook horrors in the cave, but eventually the party was able to successfully retrieve the bowl.

Lucien opted to stay behind at the lighthouse when everyone else left, claiming that it was his responsibility to keep the beacon lit. Jolene promised to have some guards sent to the lighthouse to protect him, for which Lucien was grateful.

Personality Edit

Lucien seemed generally an honest man. He was understandably skittish and jumpy during his meeting with the island party, after weeks under a kuo-toa siege. But he still did his best to help.

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