Liadon Manor is a location in the Temphere campaign universe. It is the home of Valanthe Liadon, the estate from which he rules over the city of Caellond. The manor, specifically it's garden, was the site of the Garden Party's first adventure.

Description Edit

Liadon Manor is a large manse just on the outskirts of the city of Caellond. The interiors of the manor are spacious, with many vases that, under normal circumstances, are host to various flowers from the garden.

The garden is one of the manor's most notable features. It is massive, broken up into multiple smaller sections. It features an orchard, a small vegetable garden, a topiary garden, a river, a koi pond, a hedge maze, a training area for militia, and at least on the Feywilde side, a huge cave.

Residents of the Manor Edit

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