Kresh is a half-orc artifacer at the Alu Lyth University. He's responsible for creating the tanks that keep the giant, aggressive marine animals being studied at the University (by people such as Raelin) docile.


The party met Kresh briefly at the University, where he was working on repairing the cages after the cube's blast nullified the calming effects. He did not want the party's help.

Faerie DragonsEdit

Unfortunately for Kresh, the party wanted his assistance! A captured swarm of faerie dragons told the party they had been locked in magical cages for at leasst five years - knowing Kresh was the creator of the University's magical tanks, they decided to ask him about magical containment, under the guise of asking about more secure cages for the grung. Kresh revealed that there had been prototypes(?), but work had only started about a year ago.


Very intelligent - also very grumpy. More coming if and when the party learns more about him.


  • Session ?? - The party meets Kresh as he's repairing damage to the nullified calming cages. He was not pleased.
  • Session 13 - Folloing leads from the escaped faerie dragons, the party goes to Kresh to ask about magical cages, as they know the faerie dragons were kept in magic-proof containment for at least five years. Kresh, however, claims he's only been creating actual cages for about a year.
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