A friend of mine was on that ship. I'm going back, and I'm either rescuing him, or avenging him.
- Jolene

Jolene is an NPC from the Temphere campaign, and an ally of the Island Party. It was at her behest that the party investigated the suspicious goings-on at the Old Skyhorn Lighthouse, and she accompanied the party and fought alongside them during that adventure.

History Edit

Pre-Game Edit

Not much is known about Jolene's life before meeting the party. She claims she has always been an honest sailor (as opposed to a pirate like Athelia). She and Athelia do have some history, however, as Athelia states that she and Jolene are old friends from before Athelia got involved with Bayde and went pirate.

Adventure 2 - Old Skyhorn Lighthouse Edit

Jolene's Jade Lion and another ship captained by her friend Aryn Hest were travelling together, trying to navigate to the Skyhorn docks through a storm. However, a massive tidal wave swept Aryn's ship off course, towards the Old Skyhorn lighthouse... and against the current. Jolene was forced to leave him behind, putting to port in New Skyhorn and meeting up with the Island Party there.

Athelia asked Jolene if she could tag along on the Jade Lion, to put some distance between herself and Rose Bay so she could shake Bayde off her trail. Jolene wasn't opposed to that, but insisted on going back to the lighthouse to search for Aryn and his ship first. She asked the party to help her search for him, and they agreed.

There was a brief kerfluffle where two men accosted Jolene, accusing her of having cheated them at a dice game during her last time on shore. Fracture interceded, challenging the men to a game of cards and beating them, so that they would leave Jolene alone.

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Trivia Edit

  • Jolene was the first instance of one of the parties having two NPCs fighting alongside them for the duration of an adventure, rather than for only one or two fights as happened with Medea and Yuty.
  • During a comical scene in the adventure where she featured, Jolene failed multiple stealth checks in a row while trying to sneak past several hook horrors in a tunnel. She tried to explain her constant kicking of and stumbling over rocks as the tunnel being too dark to see, but Athelia pointed out that as a half-elf Jolene has darkvision.
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