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Jingle is a kenku bard and member of Thrrasir's Vigilante Guild. She's in Alu Lyth on instructions from the Guildmaster in the capital of Thrrasir, along with the Guildmaster's familiar Puca. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, Jingle is played by Shinko.


Jingle was once an adventurer, traveling with her brother and, for at least some of that time, Alaharel. Her brother died during their adventuring, and Alaharel suggested joining the Alu Lyth vigilante guild as a way to find a new purpose and new companions. The party first met Jingle at the disastrous Alu Lyth University magical exhibition, where she and Puca interceeded to help fight sea oozes. After introducing herself, Jingle sent the party to help people with various magical catastrophes, caused by the activation of the cube, while she went in search of said artifact and Reid, the halfling student demonstrating its properties.

After finding and being temporarily inducted into the Vigilante Guild, the party found Jingle again, this time after she had rescued Reid from a sea ooze.

As a reward for assisting the Guild, Jingle wrote to the Guildmaster to request on the party's behalf the Guildmaster's tutelage; the Guildmaster agreed, but only after the party assisted the Guild. 


Jingle is friendly and chipper, consistently optimistic no matter the odds. She's willing to tease, but always seems to do so in good spirit. As a Kenku, Jingle can only speak in mimicry, though this allows her to also imitate sounds other humanoids cannot make. Her name, for instance, is a literal jingling noise rather than the name of the sound other races use. 


  • Session ??? - Jingle and Puca appear to help the party against slime oozes
  • [More appearances as Tiger goes through her notes]
  • Session 27 - Jingle meets the party at their apartment and leads them to the dock market warhouses for a surprise party with the rest of the Guild.
  • Session 28 - Jingle answers the party's questions about her history and the Guildmaster Alaharel
  • Session 30 - Jingle met the party at the Guild headquarters after Ingway was forced into his wererat form. She suggested that Alice's panpipes might be magical, or Alice herself might be a bard,