Ingway is a moon elf and member of the vigilante guild of Thrassir, and currently living in Alu Lyth. He's married to fellow guild member Michi. Ingway is also a wererat, something secret outside of the guild.



The party currently knows very little about Ingway. What they do know is that he wasn't born in Alu Lyth, but was forced or felt he had to leave his home city. He joined the guild somewhere in the middle of Thrassir.

Precursor MagicEdit

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Ingway seems to have a serious and irritable temperment, and isn't at all shy about expressing annoyance or exasperation. He seems to have taken a leadership role within in the Alu Lyth guild branch, and provides the party guidance even if with a begrudging sigh or in a pointed tone. 

Unsurprisingly, Ingway has strong feelings about his wererat affliction; while acknowledging it having uses, he doesn't seem to care for it - specifically taking great offence to Virga describing the ability as "cool". Some of this may stem from the prejudices toward wererats, about which is seems understandably bitter.


  • Session ?? - Met the party at the Guild Hideout
  • There's gonna be a lot of these, I won't preemptively list them all right now
  • Session 28 - At a guild party, Ingway and friends played a game called "Anything you can do, I can do better,"  a game where one player challenges another, and the two compete to see who's best at that task. While competing with Virga, he revealed he plays the leaf whistle. At the end of the party, he took home a drunk Michi.
  • Session 29 - At the guild HQ, recognized that a letter the party had recieved claiming to be from Camden in fact didn't match his handwriting. He also gave Alyx a letter that had been given to a guild member by Urycis, expressing displeasure that a random citizen knew how to find a guild member.
  • Session 30 - The party ran into him in the Castle Road marketplace, and unfortunately, so did the monster-hunter Alice and her wolfdog. Alice used a set of panpipes to force Ingway into his wererat form, and trapping him there (though thankfully with his sense of self intact). The party was able to help him escape to the Guild Headquarters, but more will be needed to help him transform back.


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