Igraine is a tiefling who studies magical creatures at the Alu Lyth University. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, she's played by Shinko.


The party met Igraine at the Aly Lyth University aquarium when they went to see the giant sea horse Buck. She was immediately taken by Virga and began flirting with her posthaste. 

Raelin calls Igraine a friend, which may or may not imply more history between the two.

Faerie DragonsEdit

The party came to the University to ask about faerie dragons and possible methods of containing faerie dragons, as surrepticiously as possible. They found Igraine, and asked her some questions, both about faerie dragons and grung, though tiny creatures are Igraine's specialty. Igraine revealed first that the grung have an ability to use their poison and a trance ability to exercise some mind-control over other creatures. She also told the party that faerie dragons are reclusive amalgum creatures (amalgum creatures being two kinds of creature, in this case, fey and dragon). She also told the party about faerie dragons' euphoria gas, which became an important part of the investigation.

A Suspicious LetterEdit

In investigating Camden Olivier's disappearance, the party was given a lead to a bookstore called Billy's Books. Inside they eventually found a grung with a magical book, which sucked them inside. Igraine had apparently fallen afoul of this bookshop as well, as she was inside the book already, being pursued by blood hawks.


Cordial, somewhat serious, and very, very direct, at least with flirting, a field she is clearly very confident in.


  • Session ?? - The party meets Igraine at the University aquarium. Igraine flirts with Virga, who is mostly if not entirely oblivious to it.
  • Session 13 - While investigating the wherabouts of the faerie dragons, the party finds Igraine at the University and ask her about grung and faerie dragons.
  • Session 27 - Igraine appears while the party is talking with Fen, remarking that Fen doesn't make friends easily. After Fen leaves, clearly uncomfortable, she warns that Fen has been unwell and spending a lot of time in the clinic, for unknown reasons.
  • Session 31 - The party gets sucked into a magical book, where they also find Igraine, being pursued by blood hawks.


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