There! Boring rules recitation done, now we can focus on the fun part! Dancing!
- Ibereai

Ibereai is an NPC from the Temphere campaign universe, and an ally of the party. They are a fae minstrel and sometimes adventurer, and the one who taught McGuiggan his abilities associated with the College of Glamour. Like all NPCs, Ibereai is controlled by Tiger.

History Edit

Pre-Game Edit

Not much is known about Ibereai's life before the start of the campaign, as they could hypothetically be thousands of years old. What is known is that at some point they were travelling in Temphere and had an encounter with McGuiggan, and the two of them shared their campfire. During this encounter Ibereai taught McGuiggan an enchanted tune that would allow him to cast a Mantle of Inspiration, and also how to put on an Enthralling Performance. The two parted ways again after not too long.

The Feywilde Ball Edit

Ibereai was recommended to Valanthe as someone who could teach his adventuring party some Feywild dances and rules of etiquette in advance of the Feywilde queen's birthday party. Ibereai agreed, and was pleased to meet up with McGuiggan again when they arrived. They explained the rules of the Feywilde- not to say the phrase "thank you," to refuse gifts unless they were offered with no obligation, and to stay on paths through the woods or otherwise spooky places- and gave the aforementioned dance lessons.

Between lessons, Ibereai caught up with McGuiggan, revealing that they were currently working as a performer for a member of the Fey court, and that he would be performing at the ball. Upon learning that McGuiggan was interested in doing likewise, Ibereai agreed to see if something could be arranged, though they warned their friend that fey could be really obnoxiously critical of performers.

They followed through on this promise, allowing McGuiggan to perform with them and their group during the ball. However, they did not offer this favor free of obligation, and afterwards revealed that they would be extracting a favor from McGuiggan in return. This favor turned out to be the seeking of a lute that Ibereai had hand carved and enchanted, but which had since been stolen from them by bandits called "the Moonshiners." Ibereai was having difficulty tracking down the lute themselves, since a fae in Temphere was very attention getting and tipped them off. However, Ibereai reasoned that a party of Temphere natives would have more luck making a pursuit without being discovered. McGuiggan agreed to these terms.

Personality Edit

Ibereai seems a genial sort, and has been nothing but polite and friendly so far. Though they seem not to have much of an appreciation for lowbrow humor, as Cree's "come at me" joke at the beginning of their second dance lesson prompted them to frantically insist they were dancing, not brawling. They seem fun loving, as they declared the rules recitation part of their lessons "boring" and were mostly only interested in the dancing.

Trivia Edit

  • Ibereai was referenced offhandedly a few times whenever McGuiggan used his college of glamour abilities long before they formally appeared.
  • Ibereai's appearance is meant to invoke the appearance of a raincloud.
  • When they become angry, the grey "clouds" in their hair spread further down and are forked by lightning.
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