I have my own dark mistress now...
- Heijan

Heijan Odyva was an enforcer in the Odyva crime family. When he began killing at random, and once per day, Urycis Odyva recruited the party to find and bring him back to be dealt with by the family. Like all NPCs, Heijan is played by Shinko.


Heijan served as an Enforcer to the Odyva family, but began going serial shortly before the party's involvement. At midnight, he went into the Gallows, killed a begger or urchin, and then disappeared with the body before midnight.

Faerie DragonsEdit

The party was able to track and find Heijan - where he had two bodies, and was feeding them to the giant octopus Moe. When confronted by the party, he revealed he was serving Auntie - and that she had given him the power to turn into a monster, a dragonborn version of a Sea Spawn. The party was able to defeat and capture him, though not before he was able to get and disappear a bit of Virga's hair.

A Suspicious LetterEdit

Though Heijan has not made an appearance (yet), Urycis revealed the results of interrogating Heijan, including that the hair he stole from Virga was sent to Auntie to scry her, and that Auntie is a sea hag.


  • Session ## - The party tracked Heijan through the Gallows, and found him feeding bodies to the giant octopus Moe. When confronted, Heijan revealed his allegiance to Auntie and his ability to transform into a sea spawn.
  • Session ## - The party fight Heijan and Moe, eventually knocking him out and bringing him back to Urycis.
  • Session 30 - Though he did not appear directly, the results of his interrogation were shared with the party.


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