Fen is a half-elf studying art at Alu Lyth. Though afflicted with extreme anxiety, he's helped the party multiple times in their adventure so far, and become someone they consider a friend. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, Fen is played by Shinko.


Precursor MagicEdit

The party met Fen at the Alu Lyth University exhibition, where he was displaying paintings of the Thrrasir royal family. He and Virga struck up a conversation about the paintings and the royal family, mentioning other people's disapproval of the prince and princess being half-drow, as well as the mysterious disappearance of Crown Princess Odette. Later, when a statue in the University's courtyard began attacking exhibition attendees, the party ran into Fen again; Fen explained what was going on and went to fetch someone who could order it to stand down, though by the time he returned, the statue had been destroyed.

When the party returned to the university to collect their reward and see a giant seahorse, Fen was assigned to guide them to the later, and encouraged to come see the giant marine life along with the party. Unfortunately, an arrow shot into a tank and the beginnings of an unfolding mystery probably didn't help Fen's anxiety.

Faerie DragonsEdit

While investigating the kidnapping of faerie dragons, the party went to visit Fen in the art studio. They found him struggling with insomnia while working on paintings for his final examination. The paintings all had an unusual sinking theme, with no faces of the people visible. The conversation unintentionally touched on some of Fen's history, including his anxiety, and the fact that his father has an at least somewhat high position in society - which causes some strife for Fen as half-elves are often regarded among Thrrasir nobility as signs of illegitimacy. Before the party left, Fen asked them to come back in a week to see something he wanted to show them that wasn't ready yet.

A Suspicious LetterEdit

After being told Auntie had been spying on them for about a week, the party went to check on some of their allies; first they went to see Fen. They were told he had left the campus two days previous, complaining of a headache and nausea. The party went to his apartment to check on him; when there was no answer at his door, they convinced a maintenance person to get them a key, and they found Fen inside, passed out. The party took him to the Sisters of Seacole, where Michi informed them that Fen was suffering withdrawal from the drug diamond dust, as the party's previous adventures destroyed the stock. Michi warned he had a difficult recovery ahead of him, and that he would need a lot of support to get through it.

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Since he'd been kidnapped, and clearly could be used as leverage, the party decided to bring Fen back to the Guild Headquarters.


Fen suffers from serious anxiety, something that becomes apparent very quickly when meeting him. Possibly because of others' reactions to this, he's also very self-conscious and self-deprecating. Past the anxiety, however, he does seem to be friendly, and has willingly provided help and information even in stressful situations.


  • Session 1 - The party meets Fen at his booth at the Alu Lyth University exhibition, where he's displaying his paintings of the royal family.
  • Session ?? - The party runs into Fen after a guardian statue is activated; he explains what's going on and goes to get a professor while the party holds the statue off.
  • Session ?? - Fen escorts the party to the University's aquarium to see a giant seahorse. Things are surprisingly plot-relevant.
  • Session 14 - The party visits Fen at the University, and find him preparing paintings for his finals, and visibly exhausted. The paintings all have a theme of sinking. The party learns more about Fen, including the implication that he and his father don't have a very good relationship. He also tells the party to come see him in a week or so for a surprise he's working on for them.
  • Session 27 - The party meets Fen again; his surprise for them is ready, a set of four Marvelous Pigments. He leaves shortly after Igraine shows up; Igraine warns the party that Fen has seemed unwell and been spending a lot of time in the clinic lately.
  • Session 31 - While checking on friends in the wake of learning they had been spied on for a week, the party tracks Fen down to his apartment, where they find him unconscious inside. They take him to the Sisters of Seacole, where Michi tells them he's suffering from diamond dust withdrawal.
  • Session 34 - After refusing to tell one of the grung where the cube is, the party was given a dire warning that they might not make it to the lake in time. The party finds Fen at the lake, where he's tossed to the giant octopus Moe. Combat ensues; the party is able to get Fen back and out of the water before he drowns.
  • Session 35 - The party revives Fen, who has a bit of a breadown. He admits to giving the Sun Trail gang information on the university in exchange for diamond dust. The party tells him about the guild, and takes him there for safety since Auntie and the grung clearly can use him for leverage. At the hideout, Fen is given a gray pendant to signify he's an ally of the Guild. He suggests talking to Captain Rootgnaw to sort out the issue of Doryen, at least, being spotted helping Ingway escape after being forcibly transformed by Alice.


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