Urycis can't fix your problem, but...the greatest artificer in all of Alu-Lyth has got you covered!
- Ettin, referring to herself

Ettin is a kobold who works for the Odyva crime family as an artifacer and a disenchanter. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, she is played by Shinko.


Apparently was born without or lost her hand at some point, and built herself a prosthetic, magitech replacement. She presumably lived in Tsaltiui Shehad for at least part of her life, as she references being able to build magitech thanks to the dragons there.

A Suspicious LetterEdit

The party met Ettin on their way to visit Urycis Odyva; Ettin dropped don on Virga to block Auntie's scrying, and then led the party to a boat. There, she and Urycis covered their findings from the Heijan interrogation and revealed Auntie's scrying. Ettin, after declaring themselves an amazing artifacer, showing off a magitech prosthetic hand, and praising the combination of dragon magic and scalefolk digits that allow for the crafting of such advanced magitech, gave Virga an amulet to block Auntie's scrying for a week, advising that the party take care of Auntie before the week was up and her scrying could resume, as well as to check up on their friends.


Energetic, spirited, and a little cocky, though so far her confidence seems earned.


  • Session 30 - Ettin dropped down on Virga from a rooftop, casting a spell to block Auntie's scrying before the party could meet with Urycis. At the meeting, Ettin gave Virga an amulet to block the scrying spell, cautioning it would only work for a week.
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