Eskhara is the world in which the Thrrasir campaign takes place.



The main nation where the game takes place. It is home to the city of Alu Lyth.

Dwarf KingdomEdit

A mountainous kingdom, presumably in the Korhaz Mountains on Thrrasir's eastern border. Native races include dwarves, orcs, aarakocra, and goliaths. There seem to be three main places to live in the kingdom - the Mountain Halls (within the mountain, presumably mostly dwarves), the mountaintops (orcs and aarakocra), and the valleys (goliaths). Dwarvish seems to be the primary language of this region, rather than Thrrasir's Common.

People who are from this region include: Brigan (former), Malte (former)

Tsaltiui ShehadEdit

A land inhabited by primarily by dragons, dragonborn, lizardfolk, kobolds, and some Yuan-ti.The primary language is most likely Draconic.It is on a separate continent from Thrrasir.

People from this region include: Ancestor(s) of Urycis Odyva


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