Doryen is a player character in the Thrrasir campaign and a member of the main party. He hails from a coastal clan, which he left to seek a tutor to help him train his unusual, difficult-to-control wild magic. He's played by Tiger.


Doryen was born to a coastal clan of lizardfolk called the Ulhar-Mekisr, or Blue Cliff - named for both the terrain separating the beach from the rest of the mainland, and for the color of the ancient blue dragon who semi-adopted the clan when it was just starting out. 

While Doryen's clan wasn't unfamiliar with magic, and even presumably had a few sorcerers, they had never had any with wild magic before. For a while, the side-effects that came with Doryen's spellcasting were simply unusual, but eventually an incident occurred that drove Doryen and his clan to decide he needed a tutor. He was sent out to find a particular mage, and was accompanied by Virga , a genasi beginning her own training as a druid. When they reached the tutor's residence, however, they weren't there. 

Doryen and Virga continued traveling, eventually ending up in the city of Alu Lyth. 

First AdventureEdit

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Confident to the point of occasional arrogance, sociable but a bit awkward, adores metaphors and idioms but never uses them correctly. More as the game progresses~


  • Doryen's name is Draconic for "afternoon"
  • Doryen and, presumably, his clan's, colors and pattern are based on the marine iguana.


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