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Welcome to the Temphere and Thrrasir Wiki

Welcome! This is our little slice of Fandom, where we keep track of the plethora of characters, places, and factoids about the two D&D universes our friend group plays in; Temphere, DM'd by CPMTiger, and Thrrasir, DM'd by Shinkoryu14.

Editing Guidelines

  • Unless asked for explicit help, let the player of a given character modify that character's page.
  • Articles for a given universe will not be added by that universe's DM, except for the basic worldbuilding information the DMs gave the players at the start of the campaign. Keep copious notes!
  • Anyone is free to add and edit NPC or location articles for a universe they play in! Please mark an asterisk next to the character's name in the old Directory doc as you add them so we can keep track of who still needs an article started!

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