There's books about everything!
- Dahlia, explaining how she learned to play ring toss from a book

Dahlia is a Player Character from the Temphere universe, an original member of the Garden Party and current member of the merged Main Party. She is a halfling Life Domain Cleric, devoted to Caluxan, the genderless god of medicine. Dahlia is played by Ginz.

History Edit

Pre-game Edit

Dahlia grew up in a peaceful tight-knit Halfling community, pretty sheltered from the outside world. She worked as a librarian, and spent most of her days with her nose in a book, studying magic and learning everything she could about a variety of subjects.

Personality Edit

Dahlia is very sweet and friendly, although maybe a little naive and too quick to trust others. She is a huge bookworm, but has little practical life experience. As a cleric, she's morally opposed to killing, but she will fiercely defend those she loves, and she seems to have plenty of beginner's luck, so enemies better watch out!

Trivia Edit

  • Dahlia keeps in touch via letter with one of Caellond's satyrs, Olinysus, who gifted her a magical golden Sickle that deals double damage to plant-based creatures.
  • During the Festival of Masks, Dahlia chose the "golden dragon" for the lizard race game. Coincidence, or foreshadowing?
  • Dahlia's mount is a Golden Retriever riding dog named Marigold, whom she immediately got attached to. She's borrowed for now, but she fully intends to buy her and make her into her permanent companion.


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