Celestials in the universe of Thrrasir are natives to the Celestial Plane, sometimes colloquially termed “The Realm of the Gods”. Other than the gods, Celestials are the only creatures able to survive on the Celestial Plane, as they are immune to the ambient radiant energy that would incinerate any other creature to trespass. 

Though there are numerous cults and sects within the world of Eskhara that might revere the celestials as a whole or one in particular as divinity, it is generally agreed by the mainstream theologists that they are not themselves gods. In fact, it is hypothesized that Celestials may be as numerous as Eskharans. Only the wisest, cleverest, strongest, and most loyal will be chosen for the high honor of acting as a messenger of the gods to the mortal planes. Consequently very little is known about the Celestials. It is said that no two look alike, and none of them look anything like Eskhara’s humanoid races. The only trait they are known to share in common is that none have eyes that are directly attached to their bodies. This is believed to keep them from being blinded by the radiant splendor of their home plane. Some monastic orders will wear blindfolds over their eyes in an imitation of the Celestials.

When an aasimar rises in Eskhara, it is said that they are the descendant of a celestial who courted a humanoid while shapeshifted. Their ancestor, or a pureblood descendant of that ancestor if the original is no longer alive, will speak to the aasimar in dreams to guide them along their destined path. It is the accounts of these aasimar, and a few select others who had the honor to meet a Celestial undisguised, that provide the descriptions and images used in religious iconography.

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