Camden Olivier is a knight in service to the Marquis of Alu Lyth, and unbeknownst to his fellow knights, a member of the Thrrasir Vigilante Guild; equally secretly, he's also a wererat. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, Camden is played by Shinko. 



The Oliviers are a family of Divine Soul sorcerers, descended from an ancestor who pledged themselves and their descendants to Tuo, the god of justice. The bloodline of divine soul sorcerers, however, dilutes, and Camden was the first Olivier born without sorcerery.

At some point, Camden was bitten by a wererat. His family, or perhaps Vivienne, is/are implied to have helped in some capacity, and have since intensely pushed the idea of curing Camden’s lycanthropy. Camden has refused, as the cure can be lethal, would cost money Camden doesn’t feel comfortable using when so many other lycanthropes could never afford it, and he wants to prove the condition is manageable and doesn’t stop one from being able to be a hero.

Precursor MagicEdit

The party first met Camden after breaking into the guild headquarters; he wrangled an eavesdropping Alyx while Ingway confronted the three party members inside.

The party later encountered Camden, this time during his knightly work, while searching for the cube during the grung incursion into Alu Lyth. After killing an attacking grung and demonstrating his wererat-given accelerated healing abilities, Camden gave the group a lead on the cube's location. 

A New HomeEdit

The party found Camden near the ferry for Breaktooth Isle, where he advised the party to look for acid at the Popping Stopper. This was probably for the best since the regular Guild weapons supplier at the Empyrean Armory does not like being asked for it..

Faerie DragonsEdit

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Welcome PartyEdit

Camden appeared at the welcome party as host and player in a jousting game.

A Suspicious LetterEdit

Camden went missing, particularly suspicious as a letter falsely claiming to be from him was sent to the party to bring them to the Prismlight Bar.

The party learned Camden has at least one sister, Vivienne Olivier, after meeting her in the chapel of Camden's home.


Camden is very jovial, cheerful, and teasing, which he himself notes as a stark contrast to Ingway. He nevertheless clearly takes both of his jobs seriously.

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  • Session ?? - Met the party in the Guild Headquarters
  • Session ?? - The party found Camden fighting a grung; Camden was cut by the grung, but healed unnaturally quickly, revealing this wererat ability to the party.
  • Session ?? - Talked to the party at the Guild Headquarters and gave them candy, most of which was later used to bribe faerie dragons.
  • Session 28 - Hosting a jousting game with the guild members - two teams of two people, one acting as the horse, the other on their shoulders as the rider, run at one another and try to knock each other's rider down.
  • Session 39 - The party finally finds Camden on board a ship crashed onto a reef, locked in a room and bound in silver chains. He tells the party Vivienne had already come on board to rescue him, but seemed to have disappeared after going below-deck. He gives the party a password to get past a magical barrier to go find Vivienne.
  • Session 40 - After fighting a giant slime and rescuing Vivienne from the enchanted mirror, the party returns to the deck to find Camden unconcious. Alyx gets the door open and they retrieve Camden, handle rowboat destruction, and head back to shore - where they're met by city guards.
  • Session 41 - Alyx manages to convince the guard to take Camden to the Sisters of Seacole, claiming (not unthruthfully) that he has a medical condition only the the church knows about. They do so, and Michi has him dosed with enough sedative to keep him down during the full moon.
  • Session 42 - The party goes to check on Camden the next day, and find him arguing with Vivenne. He explains to the party his family's history as divine soul sorcerers, as well as his birth as the first non-sorcerer and a sign of the family's divine bloodline diluting. He also reveals that his family is trying to make him take a cure for lycanthropy. The cure, however, is dangerous and expensive, and Camden doesn't want resources others can't have, nor to give up on inspiring other wererats my managing his condition and doing honorable work as a knight.


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