Caellond is a city in the Temphere Campaign universe, and the current base of operations for the Garden Party. A decently sized town, it is notable for being the site of frequent crossover between Temphere and the Feywilde, as well as the home of Lord Valanthe Liadon.


Liadon Manor

See: Liadon Manor

Caellond Village

The city, as a site of frequent crossover, is a rare kind of place that exists both in Temphere and on the other side of the veil in the Feywilde. Caellond is built explicitly to accommodate this, with empty lots in both versions of the two to leave space where buildings on the other side would appear during crossovers. There is also a great deal of cultural bleed between the two sides, leading to some architectural and design quirks in Caellond that appear strange to a native of the Material Plane. It is also very commonplace to encounter races native to the Feywilde in Caellond that are otherwise rarely seen in Temphere.

Citizens of Caellond

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