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Caellond is a city in the Temphere Campaign universe, and the current base of operations for the Garden Party. A decently sized town, it is notable for being the site of frequent crossover between Temphere and the Feywilde, as well as the home of Lord Valanthe Liadon.

Italics and double asterisks (like so**) indicate a person or location normally only present in the Feywilde or during a crossover.


The city, as a site of frequent crossover, is a rare kind of place that exists both in Temphere and on the other side of the veil in the Feywilde. Caellond is built explicitly to accommodate this, with empty lots in both versions of the two to leave space where buildings on the other side would appear during crossovers. There is also a great deal of cultural bleed between the two sides, leading to some architectural and design quirks in Caellond that appear strange to a native of the Material Plane. It is also very commonplace to encounter races native to the Feywilde in Caellond that are otherwise rarely seen in Temphere.

Notable Locations[]

Liadon Manor[]

See: Liadon Manor

Cobblestone Quarter[]

A section of Caellond known to be where most of the city's resident kalashtar live.

Copper Devil's Elixirs[]

A potion shop run by a half orc, half moon elf. Mostly stocks healing potions. The following items may or may not be in stock at Copper Devil's Elixers-

Potion of Healing 2d4 + 2 healing 50 GP
Potion of Greater Healing 4d4 + 4 healing 250 GP

Oak and Onyx Tavern[]

A tavern run by the centaur Rilnah Maplehold and her adopted human daughter Kirra. They sell food and drinks, have gambling games, and will let out rooms on request. Bards can also schedule ahead to perform there for a bit of coin.

Spells and Smithery[]

A shop run by the genasi Aydor that will place technomagic enhancements on equipment.

Extra Damage +1 to all attacks with this weapon 200 GP
Targeted Damage +2 to all attacks with this weapon on creatures of a specific species or type 200 GP
Bonus Defense +1 to AC 200 GP
Curated Defense +2 to AC against fire, cold, lightning, or acid damage (pick one) 200 GP
Elemental Resistance While wearing this attire or wielding this weapon, you have resistance to fire, cold, lightning, or acid damage (pick one). 350 GP
Homing Enchantment This item will always return to your person within one minute 350 GP
Stealth and Sneakery While wearing this attire, you have advantage on stealth checks 350 GP

Splendid Spell Scrolls**[]

An underground shop kept pitch black on the inside, run by the darkling Tabrin. Sells spell scrolls.

Minor Illusion Bard/Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard - Cantrip 50 GP
Expeditious Retreat Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard - Lvl 1 100 GP
Bless Cleric/Paladin - Lvl 1 100 GP
Armor of Agathys Warlock - Lv 1 100 GP
Tasha's Hideous Laughter Bard/Wizard - Lv 1 100 GP
Arcane Lock Wizard - Lv 2 250 GP
Animal Messenger Bard/Druid/Ranger - Lvl 2 250 GP
Find Traps Cleric, Druid, Ranger - Lvl 2 250 GP
Levitate Sorcerer/Wizard - Lvl 2 250 GP
Pyrotechnics Bard/Sorcerer/Wizard - Lvl 2 250 GP
Rope Trick Wizard - Lvl 2 250 GP
Find Steed Paladin - Lvl 2 350 GP
Find Greater Steed Paladin - Lvl 4 600 GP


A stable building where townspeople can rent space to stow their mounts. (Or possibly Valanthe's personal stables, we should ask to clarify that.)


A bakery and candy shop that sells normal sweets as well as enchanted trick sweets. Run by a swarm of pixies, some of whom don't have much patience for penny pinchers.

Bubble Gum A hard, round, hollow candy. When eaten, or thrown at a creature, it slows their movement by 10 feet for 5 minutes. 5 for 10 GP
Tricky Taffy Boosts a random stat by 1 point for 5 minutes 3 for 15 GP
Duck-Shaped Marshmallows A soft, duck-shaped marshmallow sprinkled with colored sugar and packaged in individual boxes. When consumed, heals 1d4 HP. If consumed more than a minute after being removed from its packaging, subtract 1 hit point from the total. 1 for 15 GP
Honey Crowns Crown-shaped candy made from Feywilde honey. These are only served around royal coronations and birthdays. Gives advantage on charisma checks for 5 minutes when consumed. 5 for 10 GP
Silent Suckers A soft, melt-in-your mouth ball of candy on top of a small stick. For 5 minutes after consuming, you have advantage on stealth checks - you also cannot speak for those 5 minutes. 3 for 10 GP

Thousand Flasks**[]

A shop run by a dwarf that sells potions designed for utility.

Potion of Stones When this potion is drunk or spilled, it creates one of the random effects of losing Acorns and Stones. The potion is a soft egg-white color. Occasionally a small stone and an acorn bob to the surface of the potion or appear against the glass. 100 GP
Potion of Polymorph When you drink this potion, you randomly take the form of one of twenty-three animals via the spell polymorph; the effect lasts one hour, or until the drinker drops to 0 hit points or dies. The drinker’s statistics are replaced by those of the beast, including hit points, but they retain their personality. The potion is a soft brown color, with a darker center that seems to shift into shapes that vaguely resemble various animals. 250 GP
Potion of Climbing When you drink this potion, you gain a climbing speed equal to your walking speed for 1 hour. During this time, you have advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks you make to climb. The potion is separated into brown, silver, and gray layers resembling bands of stone. Shaking the bottle fails to mix the colors. 50 GP
Potion of Clouds When you drink this potion, you can hover an inch above the ground, and your base speed becomes 40 feet for 1d4 hours. The potion looks more like a thick gray fog than a liquid. Condensation keeps gathering on the inside of the glass. 300 GP
Potion of Speed When you drink this potion, you gain the effect of the haste spell for 1 minute (no concentration required). The potion’s yellow fluid is streaked with black and swirls on its own. 300 GP

The White Rabbit: Magical Artifiacts[]

A store that comes and goes, run by the half-eladrin Nalurian. Nalurian is an adventurer who frequently leaves town to travel with his party, but comes home to Caellond from time to time to sell the spoils of their adventures in The White Rabbit.

Stock varies depending on what Nalurian has most recently been up to.

Citizens of Caellond[]