Auntie is a sea hag, operating in Alu-Lyth through many others in the city, in particular the grung.Like all Thrrasir NPCs, she is played by Shinko.


Unknown prior to the campaign!

Precursor MagicEdit

Faerie DragonsEdit

while trying to discover the location of the captured faerie dragons, the party was approached by Urycis about investigating an enforcer who had suddenly turned random serial killer, and was evading the Odyvas. Heijan Odyva was in fact killing people to feed Moe, apparently in service to Auntie, his "dark mistress." Auntie had also given him a larger, more powerful sea spawn form.During the battle, Heijan stole a strand of Virga's hair, though the party didn't know what for at the time. After defeating Heijan, Alyx discovered a spellbook on him, the Seafloor Folio, labelled "Propery of Gillifred."

A Suspicious LetterEdit

Though only Alyx recalls hers, Auntie appeared to each of the party in dreams (except for Tandy, who was defended by Fleck), trying to entice them to find the cube and bring it back to her. She only had progress with Alyx, who seemed willing to consider it; both Virga and Doryen asked too many questions.

During his interrogation from the Odyva's, Heijan revealed that the piece of Virga's hair he had stolen during his fight with the party had been sent to Auntie, who was using it to scry on Virga.


Sea HagsEdit

Sea Hags are evil fey creatures who spend most of their time underwater.

  • Known as dark ladies of the deep.
  • Can join covens of three or more to become even more powerful
  • Hags enjoy making bargains for things they want, or giving gifts that inevitably backfires

Facts and CluesEdit

Facts in italics are unknown to the characters.

  • Auntie claims the cube is a container she was charged with keeping safe, but it was stolen - Session 29
  • Auntie may have offered the grung a deal to turn them from freshwater amphibians to saltwater amphibians, allowing them to hide better


  • Session 29 - Auntie appears in dreams to Alyx, Virga, and Doryen, trying to entice them to fetch and reutrn "a stolen item." Alyx was open to this idea, but Virga and Doryen asked too many questions, leading Auntie to leave and to presumably take some measure to wipe their memories. She apparently attempted to enter Tandy's dreams as well, but was sensed and stopped by Fleck. Fleck claimed to have "injured their spirit quite badly."


  • Shinko has said that Auntie's voice is based on Tia Dalma's from the Pirates of the Carribean movies
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