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If it's an elemental, I will stab it.
- Anther, giving Valanthe Liadon (and everybody else) a very good idea of what kind of person she is.

Anther is a player character from the Temphere universe, first an original member of the Garden Party and now a member of the Main Party. She is a high elf ranger, with a subclass in hunter. Anther is played by Rabbit.



Anther grew up in the southern part of Temphere. She grew up in the arctic area of Temphere. She was born and raised with an affluent position from wealth. Eventually, she began to work for her city along with a number of other elves. According to Anther, her coworkers were stuck up, stuffy, and didn't care about the city, which didn't sit well with her.

Also, Anther has said she's a thief as well, likely starting before the events of the game.

Around 20 years ago, elemental monsters attacked her city. As a result of that and Anther wanting a reason to leave, she left and became an elemental hunter.


Anther is very hot tempered. She gets frustrated easily and is stubborn when things do not get her way. She usually likes to stay out of business that does not interest her, though gold is a good way to persuade her. Either that or find some way to make it personal for her.

On top of that, Anther is very impulsive, often not thinking before she acts. Notable examples would be when she stabbed a scarecrow only for it to come to life and attack. In addition to that, she often is quick to snatch anything that might be useful, regardless of the situation.

As rude as she is, she still has a soft spot for the party. She is open to talking when the situation arises. When she's talking, she is very open about what she likes and what she dislikes.


  • Anther's favorite color is green.
  • Anther rolled the first natural 20 among the Garden Party. This roll was to investigate a scarecrow, which was seen as suspicious. Anther then attacked the scarecrow, leading to the Garden Party's first combat session. Way to go, Anther.
  • Anther has mentioned that she had been to formal dances before. She has stated that she really does not like them.
  • Anther has the habit of calling people by "nicknames". As of now, it's mostly done by calling Cree "Dragonbreath", though she does also call McGuiggan "Viol Boy" on occasion.
  • Currently, Anther has landed the final blow on three bosses. The giant rose monster at the Liadon garden, Wenrule at the yuan-ti temple, and the plant creature in the Frostfell.