Alu Lyth University is a school in the city of the same name. It seems to cater to, or at least heavily focus on, magic and magic-related studies. 


Located in Tharsen Sel (Elvish for "purple tide," a reference to the purple robes worn by the students and instructors). 

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Staff, Students, and FacultyEdit

  • Delmeerix deevdru Karif (Professor Karif) - Dean of the University; an elderly, blind white dragonborn
  • Raelin - Human studying enlarged, presumably-magical, sea life in the Alu Lyth bay
  • Meave - Half-orc studying large bugs and creating antivenom
  • Reed - Halfling studying pre-Cataclysm artifacts
  • Fen - Half-elf artist, who also works in the dean's office?
  • Kresh - Half-orc artifacer
  • Igraine - Tiefling studying magical creatures, including but not limited to Raelin's sea life
  • Beldor Inkblot - Halfling head of security
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