Brandy BayEdit

Whizzing GizmosEdit

Tinker shop owned by Sharzavar Neelaleelay. Has a catalogue of special inventions.

Sharzavar Neelaleelay - Rock gnome who makes magitech. Was injured in a sea ooze attack during the party's first adventure and suffered a broken ankle.

Compass Blueprint 200 GP Construct a standard, handheld compass that always points to the north. Grants +1 to survival checks when used. Requires 3 sheets of scrap metal, assorted gears, a magnet and one small block of wood.
Bumblebomb Blueprint 100 GP Construct a set of five (at one time) “bombs.” Thrown at a range of 20 ft, treating the bomb as an improvised weapon. Does 1d4 poison damage to the target for one minute, and they must succeed on a DC10 Wisdom Saving Throw or become frightened. Requires 5 glass jars or bottles, 100 live bees, and 5 ounces of honey.
Firestarter Blueprint 200 GP Create a small canister with five charges of flame about the size of a candle. Must be filled with oil when the charges deplete. Requires 3 sheets of scrap metal, flint, and 3 ounces of lantern oil.

Castle RoadEdit

Nature's Bounty MedicinalsEdit

Potion shop owned by Sheer Path.

Sheer Path - A serval tabaxi. Often accompanied in the shop by her grandson Swooping Hawk.

Potion of Healing 50 GP Heal 2d4+2
Potion of Greater Healing 200 GP Heal 4d4 +2
Potion of Resistance 100 GP Gain resistance to one damage type of DM’s choice for 1 hr
Potion of Climbing 75 GP Drinker gets a climbing speed equal to their walking speed for one hour, and advantage on athletics checks to climbing.
Oil of Slipperiness 100 GP The vial has enough oil to cover a medium creature. Creature gains the benefit of the Freedom of Movement spell, gaining immunity to difficult terrain and 5 ft of movement to escape nonmagical restraints. The oil can also be dumped on the ground to generate the effect of the Grease spell; creatures that walk over it must succeed on a Dex save or fall prone.
Alchemist's Supplies 50 GP  
Component Pouch 25 GP  
Charcoal incense & herbs 10 GP  
Lead-based ink 10 GP  

Endless Taps TavernEdit

It's a tavern! We haven't been inside oops

Hearth-Side Family ForgeEdit

Blacksmith shop owned by Adara, a tiefling. Sells smith's, woodcarver's, carpenters, cobblers, and leatherworker's tools, and simple weapons.

Adara - Red-skinned, black-haired tiefling. Very nervous and self-depricating; clearly the victim of a lot of prejudice.

Arrows 5 GP / 10 arrows
Crossbow Bolts 5 GP / 10 bolts
Darts 5 CP / 20 darts

Breaktooth IsleEdit

The Popping StopperEdit

An alchemy shop owned by Emblia Tydafry. A hut with a pink thatched roof. Sells very....unique potions. Buy acid from here, not from Brigan.

Stinksap Vial 5 GP
Shrinky Potion 200 GP

Empryean ArmoryEdit

Blacksmith owned by Brigan.Sells melee martial weapons, shields, and light armor; takes commissions for medium and heavy armor. Don't ask to buy acid here.

Brigan - Orc who was raised in the dwarf kingdom; speaks only Dwarvish, and either no or very little Common and certainly prefers not to use it.


White Lotus RejuvinationsEdit

A bathhouse near Library Crossing. Once held a giant terrifying jellyfish-monster planted by the grung that tried to eat several of the bathhouse guests. The red pool in the front is a healing pool.

Lutyen - A triton who works at the bathhouse.

Rolling GreenEdit

Prismlight BarEdit

A bar with a clearly-wealthy patron; it is decorated with stained glass windows and glass sculptures, and a heavy bird motiff in both. A centerpiece is a glass eagle.

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