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It is a place of trade and commerce, of history and culture. It is the oldest city on the continent, founded to celebrate the conclusion of a conflict so ancient that the only records of it to exist anywhere are the ones etched into the interior walls...The city is called Alu Lyth, which means "born of the sea" in the language of the elves. This is where your story begins."

Alu Lyth is a coastal city in the nation of Thrrasir. The city is a hub of trade and commerce, and known for its network of canals and spectacular architecture. 



Not sure where else to put this - lord's colors are soft yellow and peach!

Geograpy & Architecture[]



  • Castle Road
  • Tharsen Sel - The University district
  • Brandy Bay
  • The Rolling Green - High-income district. Rolling hills and a pristine lake, dotted by manor houses.
  • Great Fountain Square
  • Sunnyside
  • Nescient Durr - Lower-income area, though not unsafe. Population is mostly gnomes, halflings, tieflings, orcs, and half-orcs.
  • The Gallows - Lower-income district; buildings are haphazard and makeshift, sometimes as simple as leather lean-tos. The streets are muddy rather than paved. Population is mostly tieflings, gnomes, humans, and a few halflings.
  • Dockmarket
  • Breaktooth Isle - Navy base
  • Oldtowne - A sunken portion of Alu Lyth, now home to merfolk and triton.
  • Villages - The farming districts, where most of the city's crops are grown. Crop fields divide the villages into two sections, one near the dockmarkets (the West Villages) and one near Castle Road (the East Villages). It's very pastoral - fields, wooden houses with chicken coops and vegetable gardens, lots of open space. Population is mostly humans and halflings.


See full article: Alu Lyth Shops

Shop Name Shop Type District Owner(s) Notes
Whizzing Gizmos Tinkershop Brandy Bay Sharzavar Neelaleelay Has a catalogue of special inventions
Nature's Bounty Medicinals Alchemy Castle Road Sheer Path
Endless Taps Tavern Tavern Brandy Bay
Hearth-Side Family Forge Blacksmith Castle Road Adara Smith's, woodcarver's, carpenters, cobblers, and leatherworker's tools stocked
The Popping Stopper Alchemy Breaktooth Isle Emblia Tydafry

Violently colorful. Violently dangerous.

Catalogue of dangerous inventions

Buy acid from here.

Empyrean Armory Blacksmith Breaktooth Isle Brigan

Sells melee martial weapons, shields, and light armor

Takes commission for medium and heavy armor

Don't buy acid here.

White Lotus Rejuvinations Bathhouse Sunnyside

Near Library Crossing

A triton named Lutyen works here

Honeydrunk Apiary Apiary West Villages Egos Silverwing

Buy bees here, don't catch them in the wild!

Supplies most of the city's honey

Golden Goose Fence Rolling Green Lady Constance

Buys valuable items

Note from Sun Trail gang - "Doesn't ask questions"

This 'n That Antiques Pawn Shop Brandy Bay Name unknown - moon elf (half something else?) Randomized inventory (resets every in-game day)
Liquid Gold Tavern Oldtowne Harsif

Inside a sunken ship

Noteable Locations[]

Guild Hideout - In Brandy Bay, behind a wall accesible by hidden buttons

Alu Lyth University - In the Tharsen Sel district

The Dive - Cheap apartments in Nesceint Durr; classified within the game rules for shelter as "poor." Tandy's former residence, and owned by an elderly, phoenix-soul gnome sorcerer who doesn't much care for Tandy.

Lazy Days Bed & Breakfast - Bed & breakfast in Castle Road district; a potential living area. Owned by Ariana (human) and Doran (unknown racec) Cromviel. Very well-decorated and fancy establishment. ( Rooms with two beds for 2 gold per night, and 5 silver per day for meals)

Dancing Stag Inn and Tavern - Castle Road district; a potential living area. Owned by Dahnee (triton). Very lively tavern. The rent is collected by a border collie named Merlot. ( Rooms with one bed and couch for 1 gold per night and 3 silver per day for meals)

Hickory Hills Apartments - Sunnyside distict; the party's current residence. Owned by Puiltag (orc). Each "room" is four small bedrooms attached to a common area, and the charge applies to the whole area. ( 2 gold per night and 5 silver per day for groceries). 

Camden's home - In Rolling Green; a two-story home with a small chapel to the god of law and judgement, Tuo. Camden keeps it unstaffed so that the Guild can use it as needed. There's a small rat hole with an illusory cat that allows the Guild wererats (or other shapeshifters) to get into the house without using the door.




  • Guard Captain Feysha Leafwind - Wood elf, assisted with hypnotizing birds. She/her.
  • Veely Firesong - Sun elf, assisted with hypnotizing birds
  • Tristan Harding - Human, assisted with hypnotizing birds
  • Commander Krois Rootgnaw - Half-elf knight, blond hair, outside University when the party dropped off Murry. He/him


  • Backfilling
  • Lady Contance - A copper dragonborn woman who owns the Golden Goose; she appears to not know Draconic and she (and/or her family) may be a scalefolk who has rejected a Clan.
  • Unknown - The owner of This 'n That Antiques pawn shop; a moon elf around Tandy's height, with a crutch and spectacles.
  • Egos Silverwing - The owner of the Honeydrunk Apiary; an big, burly elf with no hair, dark skin, and gold eyes. Only speaks Elvish (or at least, doesn't speak Common)


  • Lutyen - Triton who works in the White Lotus Rejuvinations bathhouse
  • Ariana Cromviel - Human, owner of the Lazy Days Bed and Breakfast. Married to Doran Cromviel. Last spotted in an excessively feathery hat. She/her. 
  • Dahnee - Triton, owner of the Dancing Stag Inn and Tavern, and Merlot the border collie. Very confident and flirty (at least toward Doryen). She/her.
  • Puiltag ["pwee-tag"] - Orc, Owner of the Hickory Hills Apartments and thus, the party's current landlord. Also possibly the most professional landlord in Alu Lyth. They/them.
  • Urycis Odyva - Half-tiefling, half-dragonborn, in some position of authority of the Odyva crime family, and an old friend of Alyx.He/him