Be wary of the company you keep; someone is pretending to be something they're not.
- Alice

Alice is a human monster-hunter who came to Alu Lyth in search of rumored wererats. Like all Thrrasir NPCs, Alice is played by Shinko.

Resources and AbilitiesEdit

Alice plays the lute and also has a set of panpipes, and either through an enchantment on the pipes or her own magic channeled through them, she is able to play a discordant song that forces and traps wererats in the large form they take at the full moon. It is unknown if this might have effect on other monsters as well.

Alice has a blue merle boarhound who travels with her. It seems to have a negative reaction to even lingereing lycanthrope scent, and can presumably be used to track people or monsters of interest.


Alice is the daughter of the late co-owner of the Endless Taps bar in Brandy Bay. She learned the lute from her father and eventually became a traveling musician, a career she's been at for several years.

The party first encountered her at the Prismlight bar, which the party visited to meet Camden; she was playing a lyre, though when the party arrived, briefly switched to a very harsh melody on her panpipes. As the party tried to leave, Alice's boarhound growled at them; Alice called it off, but warned the party that they should be careful of the company they keep.

Later, the party ran into Ingway in Castle Road - just in time for Alice to appear on the roof of a building, declare she was exposing "evil", and play the discordant song again, which caused Ingway to involuntarily transform. The party was able to help him escape, but not without Alice noticing and expression confusion over the party's knowing alliance with a wererat. Alyx attempted to charm her, but was unsuccessful, and had to briefly fight her wolfdog. Alice was driven off with an illusory bird attack, but likely only because she knew her quarry had had time to make a clean getaway.

Later, the party realized they probably needed Alice's panpipes to return Ingway to his original form. After some questioning and with help from a vigilante guild member, they managed to find Alice in Sunnyside Park, walking her dog. A tense conversation revealed that Alice had been hired by Auntie and the grung, and after being told that Camden, who Alice had captured, was going to be released on the full moon, Alice agreed to give the party information about where he was being held and to let them have the panpipes if they stopped Camden from attaacking the city as a feral wererat.


Very dramatic and certainly determined in her fight against monsters. She's clearly practiced in monster-fighting, but is hampered by either prejudiced or lack of education about the nature of certain monsters,


  • Session 29 - Performing at the Prismlight bar, where she encounters the party. Her panpipe music fails to do anything but annoy people. Her blue merle boarhound growls at the party, and Alice gives a warning to be careful of the company they keep.
  • Session 30 - Appears on the roof of a marketplace building, where she uses her panpipes to force Ingway into his wererat form, intending to expose him to the city. The party hides Ingway and helps him escape, and Alice flees the scene.
  • Session 36 - Thanks to a tip from Vigilante Guild member Gareth, the party finds Alice in Sunnyside Park, walking her dog. Alice reveals that she was hired to get rid of the the wererats by someone through a third party, who accused the wererats of stealing, and that she captured Camden. The party in turn informs Alice that her employer is a sea hag and the grung, and that they're planning to release Camden on the full moon. Alice, horrified, agrees that if the party stops him being released on the city, she'll give them the panpipes so they can get Ingway unstuck from his wererat form. She gives the party a note from her employers with a riddle leading to the spot Camden was to be dropped off.
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